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Cold feet means no sleep

Baby it’s cold outside!!

The most irritating thing about a power outage is having ice cold feet that refuse to warm up when trying to go to sleep. One really cold March our oil furnace quit working at 1am on a Sunday morning. The drop in temperatures was recorded as the coldest in the history of our area.  To make matters even worse, the wind was screaming outside and deliberately rattling the sides of our mobile home. We were caught totally off guard, no  electric blankets, no electric heaters, nothing to make the house warm again. As I stood looking at my furnace, I noticed the thermometer said the indoor temperature was 28 degrees. Plodding back  to the kitchen with pure  disgust, I looked down at the thin layer of ice forming over the water in the dogs dish. I’ll have to wait to call a repairman until Monday this far out into the woods. Disgust turned to panic, what are we going to do? Ah, ha, we have a propane stove, things just started to look a little brighter. I put a tea kettle of water on to heat and scoured the cupboards looking for jars with tight fitting lids. As soon as the water was sufficiently heated, I poured it into the jars that I had found and put on the lids real tight. Next, I covered the jar in a dish towel and slid them under the covers at the foot of each of the kids beds. Our two children stayed toasty warm , they were totally unaware the heat was even out until they climbed out of bed in the morning. The repairman couldn’t make it out to our house until Tuesday. As it turned out, it was just a plugged filter that caused us all that trouble. But what we learned was of great value, one that we won’t so forget. Each member of the family now has their own rubber hot water bottle from Walgreens. In our personal “get a good nights sleep when the power is out” bag each of us have; A hot water bottle An extra blanket or sleeping bag Something to wear on the head, such as a stocking cap or hoodie Flannel jammies, long johns or sweats (no jeans in bed) Heavy socks or wooly slippers to wear in bed What else we discovered is that along with a hot water bottle, more than one person to a bed or sleeping bag helps to keep each other warm using less resources. A dog or cat at the foot of the bed helps tremendously too. Getting a good nights sleep is very important in adverse conditions, staying warm makes it a little more pleasant.


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