When a Hungry Neighbor is Rummaging Around in Your Garage

Handy Granny in da Woods

                                                                                   5:30 AM

I’m so very toasty warm snuggled under the covers. I make the decision to get up anyway, the day is wasting. Slowly I slip from the bed as to not disturb the human heat machine next to me. The room is but 50 degrees this December morning. Normally, the outside temperatures would make dressing in here quite uncomfortable. My clothes would be as cold as the room air, but this year the room and the outdoor weather are questionably pleasant.

As I stand in the living room my eyes need not adjust, our cabin in the woods is dark, an inky thick dark. No visible light penetrates the windows from the outside. Seems the early morning sky is heavy with gorged clouds awaiting permission from old man winter to spill their contents to earth.

A soft warm glow from the waning charcoals greets me from the kitchen…

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