Opportunity knocks

The History Channel is soon to air “Alone” a wilderness survival program, June 18th this year. I was contacted by a casting agent from New York City in May for the next show in the series.

The casting director is looking for people with survival and homesteading skills. She found my book, How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out” on Amazon.

After a few conversations with the lady and much investigation, I felt the offer to apply is legit. You are taken out to the wilderness and left there armed with nothing more than a video camera and an uplink satellite phone. No crew, no cameraman, no other people, just you and your skills for as long as you want to be out there. It is the real deal! Tons of survival experts preach survival, this is a way to bring it home.

Deadline for the audition application is to be submitted by June 12th. It took me a lot of mental dissertation before completing the application and actually sending it in. I wanted to do it immediately after being contacted but second guessed myself, thinking I was too old for such an arduous adventure. Today I mentally slapped myself upside the head and said DO IT! I have 30 years more experience than last years contestants. I’m living it everyday out here in the backwoods of the U.P. What’s the hold up?

My husband is freaking about it but figures there’s no talking me out of it. He said he’d “hold down the fort” if I am accepted. What do you think? I will be 62 in a few weeks. Is Handy Granny brave or has she mentally lost all concept of reality in even considering living in the wilderness for months, alone?


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