We should pay attention to this. . .

A dire statement by Steve St. Clair from EnerHealth Botanicals

“It appears that the Avian Flu epidemic is now affecting egg supplies. McDonald’s and other fast food establishments are warning that this will come home to roost if this epidemic continues! HEB, the major grocer in Texas, has already limited the amount of eggs available to their customers and prohibit sales to commercial buyers.
Our food supply can be limited in so many ways now. Disease, drought (the effects of the CA drought will be felt soon) and flooding to name a few of the more obvious causes, seem to be occurring with all too much frequency.”

It is near impossible to grow large quantities of food when it is under water or no water at all. Follow the major news outlets to see where the next devastating storms are lashing the farmers crops.

Banana Supply Face Critical Threat As Fungus Wipes Out Plantations Across Latin America

and there is this;

Warning: WWI enemy-killing gas now being used on Strawberries

You know we get most of our fruits and such from California, right?

From Holly Deyo over at;

For another book to be released later this year, I’d researched the California mega-drought situation. It’s Uglyville there and unfortunately, they provide most of the fruits and veggies for our Country. The water situation there is at crisis level. Unlike Texas who has been in the same boat but hit the problem head on, CA is late to the remediation party. As a consequence, it’s ramping fresh produce prices in grocery stores and also for the wine and nut industries. Go buy a bottle of CA wine and it’s up at least 20% from 12 months ago.

Then there is this warning from a millionaire;

Believe me, this is only a drop in the bucket of  all the news out there about the coming food shortages. I have been watching stuff like this because my interests and career have been in food and nutrition. For the last couple of years I have become increasingly worried about the human food supply. I won’t say there will be mega shortages but I see a time where the food that is available will be very, very expensive.

From the standpoint of a holistic nutritionist, each and every living person on this planet has some sort of toxic, pollution in their bodies. About 90% of the babies being born today have been found to have a toxic brew already in their tiny, brand new bodies. Then these tiny 10 minute old humans are shot up with another slew of toxic vaccinations and you have recipe for a human that will not be able to grow into a healthy old person. I already see the decline in life expectancy charts from the WHO. Look at pictures from the 1930 and 40’s, even the 1950’s. There are almost no fat people. Our bodies are ill, we are fat and soft because we are ill. Even Monsanto will not use GMO’s in their cafeterias.

Stan Deyo, my favorite scientist  on the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show last night said something that makes a lot of sense if you think about it. He said something about the sun has been wonky lately, for the last several years actually. With the excess radiation and sun flares hitting the earth it creates an atmosphere for declining immunity in humans, animals and plant life. This could be the cause of a lot of the diseases that we have witnessed around the globe. Very interesting proposition or theory in my opinion.

With that concept in mind, is the sun not only our benefactor but our destroyer as well? Could Bruce/Caitlin Jenner or Jade Helm 15 just be a distraction so we don’t look to closely at our food supply?

Back in the early days of GMO crop experimentation, several corn fields were being grown with swine antibiotics in the DNA of the corn plants. Another group of corn fields had anti-HIV medication within the DNA of corn. A crop of pig antibiotics and a field of anti-HIV corn were inadvertently mixed with the corn destined for human food processors. They were made into things like corn chips and other processed food stuffs, from my understanding.
Food-none of your business

Sorry, I do tend to go off on a rant about these things. My main purpose of this entry was to get people focused on what they put into their bodies and the soon to be shortages or at least exceptionally high prices.

Might I make a suggestion?

Please help us keep an eye on local legislators. Here in Michigan, 2 families were forced to kill their pigs because they were of a brown colored infants, had curly tails and longer snots. This type of pig are much sought after by fancy restaurants because they are tender and have exceptional flavor. But because they may escape their enclosure and become feral they have been band as an invasive species. (Like the white factory farmed pigs never escape, right?)
Michigan threatens small farms by calling heritage pigs ‘invasive’
Many states are coming down hard on seed savers and traders.

Make friends with vendors of your local farmers market, we love talking with you. Support them as best you can. These are the people that will keep the process going and work hard for you. Better yet, if you can volunteer to help the farmer do chores, I bet (I know) you will be amply rewarded.

If you could only teach children to grow some of their favorite veggies and small fruits on a patio or line your drive way or balcony in buckets. There is nothing more satisfying than stepping out the back door and bringing back a handful of fresh produce you have grown yourself. “It’s what’s for dinner.” Oh, and just so you are aware, the Queen of England eats only organic food grown on her estate. It’s not only because she can, but she also knows that processed food is poisonous and GMOs.

More than likely those of you who read my blog are aware of the need to keep an eye on these things. There have been tons of articles written about the coming riots due to food and other resource depletion. This is no surprise. I would scream to the rooftops to all that will listen to get at least one years food stuff stocked up somewhere within your reach. My heart tells me there is an ill wind blowing and the time is short. See Billionaire article above.


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