Camping, Pictured Rocks or How I saw Bigfoot!

You must put this on your bucket list of places to see.

I’ve driven through Munising Michigan, on the shore of Lake Superior, several times and swore to myself one day I was going to check this place out.   there are about 2500 year round residents that call this unique picturesque village home. Munising has a feel to it like no other place I have been. Nestled into the valley of a low mountain range, Grand Island creates a wonderful windbreak from the harsh winter winds that blow off Lake Superior. Munising hosts Yooper Days at Bay Shore Park every June. The city owns the park and marina on Lake Superior and offers free boat rides out to Pictured Rocks for us Yoopers once a year. (The rest of yous guys gotta pay fer yer ride.) This year I happened to become a vendor at Bay Shore Park Yoopers days for Saturday only, peddling my book “How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out,” and some craft trinkets I designed. On Sunday we didn’t set up our booth but instead chose to go on a free boat ride, and wow, am I glad we did. This one should be on everyones’ bucket list of places to see. It was spectacular!

The start of our adventure. . .

We made reservations early at Tourist Park campground 3 miles west of Munising on Highway 28. Because I called early I was able to secure a spot right at the waters edge. The two outside corners of the campground are reserved for tents only and the center of the campground is RV parking. The campground boasts new, modern clean bathrooms and showers and we weren’t disappointed. It also has free wifi. This campground is a really good place to stay. (Run your mouse over any picture and click to enlarge)

Day at the Park

This was so much fun. Park helpers showed us to our spot and then helped us unload and set up the canopy. These fellas were so nice and we welcomed their young muscle and strong backs. The vendor hours were from 10 am to 6pm and we were required to stay until 6 before packing up. With the party atmosphere at the park and music at the pavilion, who would want to leave early. Earlier in the day, however, wind from the lake side was a bit chilly but not bad, and the sky was gray. A man we talked to said that he was happy that it was much warmer this year than last. There was still chunks of ice floating around the bay last year during Yooper Days and the air temperature was really still cold. Even that didn’t dampen the Yooper spirit, they held the festival in spite of the cold.

The Grand Finally

Sunday was our turn for a boat ride. I had never been out on Lake Superior and this was exciting! The boat held 97 passengers and crew, of which there were 3. We were allowed free roaming during the tour which made taking plenty of pictures much easier.

 I took video footage during the boat ride of the sandstone cliffs. But it didn’t seem to want to load into this blog post. In any case, the rest of the pictures of Pictured Rocks from the boat are displayed in pictures above this post. They were spectacular up close and personal. Oh, and did I tell you, I saw bigfoot. . .

I saw bigfoot on broad daylight!!
I saw bigfoot on broad daylight!!

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