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Things that go buzz in the night

It’s the fourth of July and all over the TV news stations the talking heads are telling everyone to be on alert for a terror attack or some horrendous crisis. Buy the fear, buy their buzz.

But really, in todays world they are counting on you to keep them safe, warm, dry and fed.

Mike Adams over does a good job in laying out the basics of being a prepared person. His quiz gets the blood flowing for sure. I live out here in the backwoods and I had a wake call on this one too.

One of things you just have got to know, however, is that what ever you got, someone else is gonna want. Now think for a moment of all your family members that know about your preparedness stuff, your emergency stash of food, water and supplies. Generally, people don’t talk about how much money they have or where they have hidden their wad of cash. So that is not so much the problem, but your stuff can be. And just think how little kids love to talk, ask any kindergarten teacher what she knows about any family in her class. I bet she knows of at least one Mommy and Daddy that has a pink thing that looks like a flashlight, but it buzzes and shakes instead. I found it under the mattress on Daddys side of the bed. Said one little kindergartener, “When I showed it to Mommy, she said it was a new Japanese flashlight and told me to leave it alone.” For those things that go buzz in the night, are you sure your emergency storage is safe?

As far as thugs and thieves go, we are at the mercy of what we know and how we handle ourselves and our defensive equipment. But for family, that is a hard point to drive home. In just about every family that I know there are one or two family or extended family members that are clueless or helpless, to put it nicely. They will come to your prepared house after a crisis and expect to be given accommodations and a place at your table. And because they are family, rightly so, you won’t exactly tell them no. They want what you got and you seem to have lots of it.

In my book, How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out I address this issue for you. Section 2, page 11 to be exact. I lay out what you can do when your sister, clueless Clair, and her husband, 6 kids and various pets and animals show up at your door. You are encouraged to copy the Read and Sign rules for my household and pass them out to your family.  Rules will be much easier to enforce once everyone knows what is expected of them.

Supplies, food, water and a cash stash is always great to have, knowledge and skills are even better. So here is a different take on preparedness. Another slightly different pop quiz.

What are the first 5 things to disappear at the big box store after a disaster?

What are the first 5 diseases to appear after a disaster?

Do you know where to find safe drinking water? Can you make it safe to drink?

What are the best 5 items to have on hand for sanitation after a crisis?

What are the most effective antibacterial herbs or spices to have on hand? Did you know cayenne powder could possibly save a gunshot victim?

How do you keep food cold when the power is out?

How can you sleep warm when there is no heat/power?

Can you make emergency baby formula? Diaper? Diaper rash ointment?

What do you use when there is no more toilet paper or tampons?
What can you do when your birth control runs out, do you know how to keep from getting pregnant?

What would you use hot rocks for? Can you heat your tea in a paper cup?

Do you know which essential oils are used to ward off the plague? What herbs you can use for Pneumonia?

What is appetite fatigue?

The answer to these questions and much, much more are in the book How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out. You can click on the book to the right of this post or you can find it on Amazon. It also can be had as an e-book for Amazon. Ask for it at your favorite book sellers, too.

Check it  out yourself or get one for clueless Clair. You will be thankful that you did.


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