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Becoming a Domestic Diva in Times of Great Need

Many, many sites and youtube videos across the internet are screaming about some disaster or other. The closest being in September/October time frame of this year. Clif High over at says we will encounter rolling blackouts across the country and in one or two areas it may not come back on for ten years or so. He put up an audio telling why he can all but guarantee it will happen. Click on ALTA_August_Q_A on his site to listen for yourself.
Youtube videos everywhere are claiming planet X or Nibiru ( ) or other solar flares will take out the grid. Even NASA is talking about it. (See “Look inside the book” above for how to order How to survive and Thrive When the Power is Out , cause they could be right.)Do your own research and listen to your heart, please take it to prayer. Deep inside, if you can still yourself briefly, I know you can feel that there is definitely change coming to us humans. Something very soon will be different. And if Hillary Clinton becomes our next President, I’m catching the next flight to Mars.

Pastor Lindsey Williams(you remember, he is the guy that lived among the elite years ago and claims they tell him what they are about to do. So far he hasn’t been wrong) says that the elite are getting ready to collapse the dollar. And tons of economic scholars are saying the same thing. They are emphatically positive there will be a collapse of the American dollar and banks will take a holiday.
From King World News; “I fear that this coming September – October all hell will break loose in the world economy and markets. A lot of factors point to that, both fundamental and technical indicators and this indicates that we could have a number of shocks this autumn.”

Rest assured all ATM’s and any and all plastic cards will not work. On the premise that something will occur shortly, I offer the following;

Plan now to barter later

If all the banks go belly up for a few days or weeks, you’ve heard about people already having a hard time getting their own money out of their bank, right? If you had put away items others in your neck of the woods would need, what would they be? Seeds, maybe? Good for you!! With our JITDS (just in time delivery system) stores will be cleaned out in a hurry for those that have cash. For those that don’t have cash, well, we know how that ends.

A brilliant idea I found somewhere on the internet was to put non-perishable food into plastic bags for trade or to help feed a hungry (angry) neighbor. Store in food grade buckets in a cool dry place until needed. Here’s a basic starter recipe, you will only be limited by your imagination and budget;

Personally, I’d like to kiss the person that invented the seal-a-meal every household should have one, but regular plastic bags will work just fine.

In each bag put the following;
1/2 cup any kind of rice
1 beef or chicken bullion cube
1/4 cup dried cooked beans or lentils
1/4 cup dried vegetables

Seal the bag, removing as much air as possible. Now you have a good sized, comfort food, filling meal that only needs heated water to serve. Oh, by the way, this meal is a complete protein, too.

To add variety try;
Rice, turmeric, salt and dried veggies.
Rice, dried red beans, Cajun powder mix
Rice, raisins, powdered vanilla, powdered milk, powdered eggs. The kids will love this one, especially if you add a little brown sugar. Keeps everyone from experiencing appetite fatigue.

Do you know families with infants? (From the book above, Section 12, Make your own emergency infant formula.) Buy a couple of cans of quality baby formula and divide into individual portions and put into plastic bags. Put into the freezer until ready to trade or give away. As an after thought, probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to stock up on condoms too. Condoms never go out of style.

Toilet paper will be very much sought after during a long term outage, but eventually even that will run out. Cut old T-shirts, old wash cloths etc. into 5″X5″ squares. Sure they may not be what we are used too, but hey, sure beats the hell out of using a corn cob.

Let’s say you had put away extra shampoo for instance, (women will be screaming for shampoo when theirs runs out) it would be wise to only offer a small portion of a new bottle. Never let anyone know what or how much you have. If someone you encounter is a not very nice person, and evaluates you as having a lot of stashed stuff, and trading full bottles of shampoo or dish soap looks like you do. If you look fresh and have clean hair and clean clothes, it’s a dead give away. This evil fellow may follow you back home one night and take it. Trust me, it wouldn’t be a please experience! So, it is always a good idea to never barter too close to home. Meet in a neutral area or set up a flea market. Food for thought.
So, along the lines of that shampoo or dish soap, you might think about storing a few give away containers or plastic baggies, too. I know this may be old hat for some of you, but believe me when I say, there are folks out there that have never even thought about any of this stuff.

Now, let’s give life without power a thought for a moment. Yeah, I know, ick! But to think ahead, we can get a handle on great items people would be willing to trade for? How about baby wipes? Not only are they good for baby, but if you don’t have running water, or have rationed available water, wouldn’t it be spectacular to be able to freshen up? Eeewww, after a week/month without a shower, well the whole household could absolutely use a baby wipe or six, ya think?

I have put together an item I call a power outage kit for lack of a better name. power outage kit 002

In this kit you will find a candle and matches, a flash light and batteries, hand wipes, the type you might find at KFC restaurants and a deck of playing cards to help keep everyone occupied. Not shown in the picture is a flyer from the Red Cross Be Red Cross Ready–Power outage Checklist. You can ask for them at your local Red Cross office, or go to a Red Cross website and download and print up your own. I tuck that into the water container along with all the above items and put on the top. I advise people to keep it in a handy, visible place. The whole kit costs about $5.00 from the Family Dollar store and could mean so much to someone who hasn’t thought ahead.

Although I don’t smoke, I keep a carton of cigarettes in the freezer along with rounds of chew. I have some liquor like Vodka and Brandy around for making my home made tinctures and medicines, I try to keep a couple extras for trade. Imagine if you will, drinkers without their booze! Not cool. Here again, have some give away containers. don’t show them your bottle unless you plan on trading the whole bottle.

Some good items to have on hand and they store very well, are those small propane cylinders that campers use. Many uses, I won’t tell you why here. Just think about it.

How to books will help a lot of people cope with having less. With all this wonderful technology we humans have lost most of our survival skills. If you can sew, build things, make moccasins and leather crafts, tan hides, etc. you will be much the go to person, for sure.

These are just a few of the ideas that can jump start your domestic diva future before something shuts down the power or banksters crash the banks. If you are interested in adding to this list please feel free. This is a learning process for us all. What is that Red Green used to say as he ended his show? We are all in this together Thanks in advance. This is an excellent website crammed full of useable ideas and information.


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