Fat Guys in the Woods/ Ladies in Survival House

Fat Guys in the Woods

Hey, this has got to be right up my alley, I thought.

Well, yes, Creek Stewart has it going on. A real outdoor survival program for real fat guys, eh? Good work Creek and The Weather Channel, it’s a winner! (More after this video clip)

There have been several other reality survival programs featuring professional men survivalists on TV in the last few years that. . .
Well now, this gives ol’ Handy Granny an idea.

Ladies in Survival House

What if, and I’m just saying, what if, us fat gals do something on the line of the fat guys in the woods thing. Let’s say we can get 3 lady volunteers together with any where between 6 to 9 children all under the age of 14. We’ll put them in a middle class standard American three bedroom house in the middle of a suburbia. The clincher will be the house will have no electricity. This survival situation will revolve around a simulated nation wide unplanned power outage. There will be no running water in the house, but there will be a large quantity of only 4 different stored food items in which to cook and feed everyone. To help facilitate the realism of the situation, we’ll throw in one grumpy granny, 2 large dogs and a pregnant gerbil with the cast of volunteers for a full two weeks? No running water means no running toilet facilities, no bath and no washer and dryer. Just imagine no TV or computer, no cell phones, just you and the kids without power for a two full week. That is 336 hours! Now, let’s up the ante and make it real interesting. Let’s do this in the debt winter. What do you say? Think it would make for great TV viewing?


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