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The Doctor of the Future Will Give No Medicine

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

I recently sought help from a Naturopath for a digestion problem which not only aggravated my stomach and caused constipation. Of course, the body being a closed system, the constipation left me almost bedridden at times with great headaches. I was up for something different as my regular physician had me go through 5 different expensive tests and couldn’t find anything that was causing my complaint.

I found a Naturopathic doctor in a neighboring state but had to wait 3 full months for the appointment because so many others had the same idea as me. She was that full. This dear doctor actually, spends time with each patient because she is not under the 6 minute rule per patient of Obamacare.
My Naturopathic doctor has helped me tremendously using ancient Chinese acupuncture and a combination of herbal mixes to gently nudge the body into a healing mode.  While these methods are working their magic my Naturopathic Doctor teaches me the proper care of the body.  It is now up to the me to see to it that I do the work necessary to heal my complaints.  It’s a joint effort that allows me control of my own health. I like that.

My complaint seems trivial compared to others with life threatening illnesses and diseases. In the state of Michigan and Wisconsin she is not allowed to diagnose your condition but simply suggest a course of action, she is an educator. True Naturopathic healthcare has been terribly propagandized, often being ostracized by people who don’t know what a Naturopath really does and by western medicine in general fearful that western medicine is failing the general public and pharmaceutical companies could loose $$$$.
A Naturopathic Doctor is a doctor first and foremost.  Years of doctor studies at accredited schools and residency at a hospital or other medical facility they choose to leave the cut it out, burn it out, pharmaceutical kingdom and point their studies toward other avenues. A study of Naturopathy has it’s own extensive requirements, much like someone choosing to move into the chiropractic practice.   My particular Naturopath has hospital privileges at our community hospital and while under her care she ordered up a blood test for me. We suspected along with my digestion problem that my thyroid may be out of whack. (Turned out she was right, my numbers were a little on the pale side. The link is a profile of my Naturopath and her accomplishments and credits ;  I’m sure she wouldn’t mind)

I really didn’t know what to expect from a Doctor that offers you a natural healing alternative when I first made the choice to go see her. I came away with an understanding that the body wants to be healthy, it is designed to be healthy.  I already knew the drugs you get from your pharmacist are poisons to the body and very rarely cure anything. They generally mask the very symptoms that are the body’s signal of something wrong, and often create another set of problems. Severally ill patients in a conventional medicine are prescribed pills and treatments which cause a set of conditions that often require more pills to offset the agony directly caused by the first round of medication. Then the patient dies, leaving an opening for the next severely ill patsy. Before you send me a nasty comment, think about the last person that you knew that had cancer. This dear person received drugs, more drugs, and possible some surgery, right? After a course of treatment dear person is said to be cancer free! Only, 5, 6, or 7 years later the cancer returns with a vengeance. Another course of drugs, which cause a reaction which more drugs are given. Then dear person dies anyway. What a win, win for the pharmaceutical and cancer centers. Next! Dear patient is never told that drugs and Chemo deplete the body of all nutrients while killing the immune system which now needs to be replenished.

My naturopath assisted and encouraged me in helping my body’s own healing. I now feel great! Also, I personally discovered that when you give the body the proper stuff, the human body will miraculously take care of the rest. It has been designed to be healthy.  We know this, all of us, but the western medical octopus has too much to loose. In my humble opinion and to my knowledge, only in rare cases do pharmaceutical drugs make a difference or actually cure an illness, the exception, maybe being antibiotics for infectious diseases.

6 principles of Naturopathy
The man is not sick because he has and illness, the man has an illness because he is sick. An Old Chinese Proverb


Another healing tool that I am currently investigating is the Rife machine. Many years ago and man by the name of Royal Raymond RifeRoyal Rife discovered he could kill bacteria with sound frequencies.  The earths vibrational frequency is 7.83 hz or it used to be. Some are measuring a sight increase in earths resonance. There are a boat load of people who swear the Rife generator has healed their illness and others  who claim “Quack” status. As far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out.

The claimed physic Sylvia Brown wrote in one of her books that in the future our healthcare would be provided by natural wellness centers because of the circumstances that will change on the earth and in the human condition. I think we are leaning that way right now.


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