Grannys’ Medicine cupboard

Fall is the perfect time to clean out the old medicine in the cabinet.

Handy Granny in da Woods

grannys medic bag take 4 001

As a kid of the 1950’s, I have memories of Doc Brown coming to the house to check on my sister, Doctors still made house calls in those days. My sister suffered from tonsils and adenoids troubles and had to have a shot once a week for several weeks. Eventually, she had to go to the hospital and had them removed. It was so cute to watch my 4-year-old baby sister when she would suddenly spy the good doctors car pulling into the driveway and dash off to our shared bedroom and slam the door. Once safely inside she quickly slid the child sized dresser in front of the door so Doc Brown couldn’t get her, so she hoped.

Times sure have changed, and so have our choices for self-reliant first-aid.  Shelves in your favorite box store are over loaded with thousands of brightly colored packaged remedies all competing for your dollars.  My dear mother shopped at the corner Kresges’ 5 and…

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