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Five Years From Now. . .






Today the waking hours of waning day light here in Michigans Upper Peninsula was depressingly dark and gloomy. Old man winter has begun his ritual ceremonial dance for the seasons dominance with heavy gray clouds, cold brisk winds and a pissy drizzle from above. His signature warning is a prelude to a 6 months serving of cold, wet, white stuff. It was a day where you just wanted to eat, sleep and hibernate in front of a fire in the woodstove with a hot cup of tea. I say, wanted to. I was not that lucky, I had to go out into the world and briefly leave my woodland sanctuary and little cabin.

As I reached town, I merged with all the other zombie drivers who couldn’t decide which lane they wanted to drive in. The brain seems to disengage in chaotic traffic. 90% of the zombie drivers had a small, black, rectangle shaped piece of plastic held up to their ear.  Then there was several irritating drivers that believe driving 4 inches from my bumper would move me along faster than 45 in a 35 mph residential area. Yep, I was in civilization? today.

Not to put too much complaining on this trip, but zombie drivers and nasty weather turn my unaccustomed to this chaos thoughts inward.

“I know not with what weapons WWIII will be fought, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

That was a quote from Albert Einstein. It popped into my head at one of those intersections with a 10 minute stop light. Generally, I don’t write or think much about politics or fear mongering stuff because just like the zombie drivers, to me politicians are bought and paid for zombie parrots. But today the universe seemed to pressure me into a much more serious direction. Maybe it was the darkness of the day, maybe it was people everywhere not paying attention to even the basics. I would rather take a kick in the tail feathers than go into town on days like this one.

Safe back at my quiet woodland shanty, I put on the tea kettle for a cup a tea and fired up my computer. Internet service has been off the wall slow lately and today was no exception but when it finally decided to land on a page here is what the serious universe provided for my entertainment.



The two fellas with scratchy voices toss back and forth the idea of fixing America thru the use of states rights. If I ever felt that America was being taken over, take down or whirling down the toilet, this heart pounding video truly confirmed it. What they talk about at the end of this 30 minute youtube video will bring the hair on the back of your neck to attention, at least it did mine. I just can’t see my teenage grand daughters, 6 of them actually, being happy about wearing a complete body covering berka five years from now?burka-large

Then if that were not scary enough, Dave Hodges over at the Common Sense Show posted this article today.

Dave  writes;  While appearing as a guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report last night, ( ) at the end of the interview, I speculated as to whether China’s building of militarized, artificial Islands could possibly have anything to do with disrupting the TPP in favor of the newer BRICS hegemony? In the paragraphs below lies the analysis of this hypothesis.


So. . . .

There may not be elections next year.
There may be a false flag and martial law. The day EBT died
There may be an economy collapse in America.
There may be an invasion (already in progress)
There may or may not be a very large natural disaster (CME or a 9.0 earthquake on the west coast or New Madrid)
There most likely would be rioting in the streets due to lack of food and water.
There most likely would be diaspora (people moving about looking for shelter or/and government round-ups)
There most likely would be bank shut down (no ATMs, no credit or debit cards, EBT cards, etc.)
There most likely would/will be weather related disasters
There seems to be a very good likelihood some country or other will lob nukes in our direction.
And the list goes on and on.

As our present government pulls the noose tighter and tighter around our liberties and civil rights ,  and every possible disruption aimed at us, this thought entered my mental periphery;   It is not fear of the future but rather, do I have enough mental prowess to continue for one month, for 6 months, for a year, for 5 years should the regular supply chain stop, that keeps me tense? I can have a stockpile of stuff to get us through a bump in the road but what if that bump ends up being a crack up the middle of the country and lasts longer than my supplies? You do know there is always someone willing to relieve you of your supplies, right? Which would definitely put a damper on everything.

Read; One Second After and his newest novel, One Year After by William R. Forstchen

Then what? It happened during the last great depression. Our great grandparents knew how to take care of themselves, they were used to growing their own food and doing what was needed for their families and their immediate neighbors. Even city folks were slightly more prepared for hardship than most are today. As the food supply dwindled in the 1930’s, one mother wrote in her diary that she put a leather boot into a pot of water and boiled it to make broth for her starving children. She used that same boot for 4 days, because she had nothing else. Could I have been that creative?The great depression

I look up from my thoughts and noticed the heavy dark clouds are breaking up  and the drizzle has stopped. Colorful maple leaves, carried by the fragrant fall breeze tap at my window. A warm ray of sun filters thought the window and warms my person, chasing away the gloomy thoughts of earlier in the day. All seems normal now, fall will give up her position to old man winter. He can show his best but it is determined that he must step aside for the Green Goddess of spring time to melt winter with her season.  And so it continues. Man is truly the scariest beast, but he can be the most giving and loving too.

My little dog taps me on the leg, suddenly my thoughts are brought back to the moment. Teddy needs to be fed and he will be relentless until I feed him. I vow to myself that I am going to learn as much as I can about living without stuff and help others get their learning on too. Now is the best time I can think of to get started.

states rights


2 thoughts on “Five Years From Now. . .

    1. Mmmmmmm……significant things happen on seemingly ordinary days. We get up, go out the door, NEVER suspecting life will change in some way before we return….IF we return. There IS nothing new under the sun….just something new for us. Somehow we have the human (in-)perception that we are immune to unwanted change/disaster. (This REALLY throws a wrench in our prepping endeavors….especially when your spouse/family hold a vice-type grip on the normalcy mindset AND the insidious “nothing’s happened SO far” so what are the odds? experience life hammers into our brains.

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