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Winter Power Outage

Ice on power lines

I’m Not an Expert but. . .
In the U.P. of Michigan the gales of November come early, as immortalized by Gordon Lightfoot in “The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald.” It is a really sad song but true to the moodiness of the largest body of fresh water in the U.S. Lake Superior and her coconspirator the jet stream, team up to create impetus for our infamous lake effect snow machine. The Keweenaw peninsula can see up to and beyond 300 inches of snow in any given year. They have all the fun, eh? In any case, this amount of snow can weight heavy on the power lines and infrastructure, we have frequent power outages.

Dear Mother Nature will Whip Your Fanny When You Least Expect It

Yesterday we went to town for our monthly bill paying and supplies. This day I felt like I could treat myself to some new clothes, a rare occasion at best. The sun made a rare appearance contributing to my whimsical mood. My happy mood was short lived however. What I discovered in an unnamed big box store, the stuff they were passing off as winter apparel was absolutely appalling. Paper thin and large weave of the material is being called fashion? How in the world is any of this stuff going to keep our butts warm when old man winter gets cranky? Yes, I will look sweet as a frozen popsicle. But frozen is just not my color, you see. It was the same at the other store box mart in town too. Just like the box of cereal getting thinner but selling at an inflated price, so has fashion clothing followed their path.

“Yes, I understand that you run from your warm home to your warm car and then into a warm building,” I frantically explain to my 17 year old Grand-daughter. “But what if somewhere along the way you encounter a freak ice storm or even Heaven forbid, black ice, and slide off the road and become lodged in a ditch? The power is down and your cell phone isn’t working, then what? It will be just a matter of time before hypothermia begins. They will find your frozen carcass sitting in your great looking skinny jeans and thin fashion jacket.”

“Oh, Gramms.” She replies. ” Don’t worry I’m a good driver, that won’t happen. Someone will find me anyway, maybe even my Prince Charming. I have to look good.” (See ) this site.

Why is my hair gray?

A few years ago, I asked our newest son-in-law if he and our daughter were ready for a possible power outage in their new home? They were newly weds just setting up house keeping together. They were adorable, standing so innocent side by side holding hands. But what came next made me scratch my head in disbelief.
“Oh, we got that covered. We have an electric blanket,” was their proud reply.

And so, as fate would have it, we had a power outage their first winter together as husband and wife. Dear distraught son-in-law came running over to our house to use the land line to call the power company. He forcefully demanded the power company send someone out to turn his power back on. I kid you not!!
Up until that fateful power outage someone else had seen to the needs of the newly weds. The two had never experienced a problem they had to deal with or solve on their own. They are not alone, however, this is true for many, many people.
See on this site.

The Electric Stove Dilemma

We used to have a business selling freeze dried foods. It was at a home and garden show that we set up a booth to peddle our wares. Many an interested customer tasted the broccoli-cheese soup we offered as samples. As always there is one person who just doesn’t get it. That one person who makes you just want to slap some sense into them. The conversation went something like this;

Customer; (a well dressed lady in her low to mid 60s) “That stuff is a waste of money. How do suppose I am to cook that stuff without my electric stove?”

My creative Husband; “You take your kitchen chairs out to the back yard and bust them into small pieces and set them on fire. That’s how cook, this stuff..”

The lady’s eye became large and enraged. “Humf!” she said as she turned on her heel and stormed away. Need I say, she bought nothing from us. But the people around the booth looked at her in a curious manner. My point in this tale is that there are some people that you are not going to get through to no manner how good your debate skills.

So what is your recourse? To be exact there are 2,225,000 pages on google for camping stoves. Every house should have something to cook food on in the event of a power outage. No excuses, even if you have to bust up the kitchen chairs.


4 thoughts on “Winter Power Outage

  1. Sound advice but here’s another one for you.
    Talking to our friend we asked what preparations he had made for this year in case of power cuts.

    Without so much as a flicker of emotion he said
    “Power cuts don’t worry me, I don’t watch a lot of TV.”

    We dropped the subject.


  2. I remember one year that Sault St Marie got so much snow that everyone had to climb out of their second story windows to get anywhere. You could see car bumpers where they had dug out snow on most of the streets! I was living in Presque Isle, MI at that time and was a bit glad we didn’t get that kind of snowfall in the Alpena area! Yet it was plenty cold and a few nights with the power out. Luckily my parents had a gas pig instead of electric stoves. We used the pond and made a hole to flush the toilets with (septic system)till the power came on! I learned how to be prepared for things like that. You don’t realize how you depend on the electricity till it’s gone in a snow storm or ice storm hits your area!


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