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Killing Us Slowly

gloomy drive

 ” It is unfortunate that Americans are digging their graves with their knives and forks. The refined carbohydrates and processed food diet that many people live on leads to the development of degenerative illnesses as we age. . . ”  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Fasting and Eating for Health 

In the winter months, those living in the darker, snow covered Northern Hemisphere tend to live on heavier, more calorie dense foods. These foods help keep the body warm and lack of sunshine takes the driver seat for our cravings. Lack of activity, sunshine and heavy foods lends itself to fat and sludge build up. But you knew this.

The heart pumps the blood and moves oxygen throughout the body. The blood filters through many organs to clean the unwanted waste material but the lymph nodes have no automatic pumping action. In order to work properly your lymph system  needs movement to clean  stagnant material that has been laying waste all winter. Exercise is the ideal mechanism for clearing out the gook, too bad most of us simply sit in front of the boob tube after work.

Our ancient ancestors recorded health conditions pointing to lymph system sludge thousands years before modern western medicine took over all our diagnoses and symptoms treatment. In many ways, the medicines and treatments from the past were far advanced from our pill and poison treatment of today.

Now please, don’t misunderstand. We have the best hospitals in the world for emergency care. Recently, my husband broke his 60 year old finger. I drove him to the ER of our local hospital where the Doctors and Nurses patched him up. They are wonderful people, everyone of them dedicated and pleasant.

While I waited in the lobby for the 3 hours it took for them to look after my hubby, I had time to look around. We live in a small community, the whole county only has roughly 30,000 people. During my wait, two ambulances came screaming in and at least 50 sick people paraded in and out of the waiting room. Most of them older people and parents with little children being seen at the adjoining walk-in-clinic.

I asked an attendant if it was this busy just because it was spring? She said, “No, it has been like this for awhile now. The clinic saw 63 patients just yesterday.”  Then I asked, if it was because of Obamacare? She stopped dead in her tracks, turned and just like a deer in the headlights, stared at me.  “Oh, uh maybe.” She whispered.

I came away from that experience with the inherent impression that  in this area at least, more and more older people are sicker and depleted. And that today young parents haven’t the first clue how to take care of their kids childhood illnesses. These kids seem to be less vibrant and defiantly nutrient deficient . Parents were feeding these toddlers, chips and candy from a vending machine to keep them manageable. One young mother was totally frustrated because the Doctor didn’t want to give her an anti-biotic for her child’s upper respiratory virus.  To placate her, the exasperated attending physician wrote her the prescription she wanted. But I digress. . .

When we arrived at the pharmacy to fill his prescription, there was a line and a wait for at  least another hour. So, this was my great awakening. Humanity is ill!

“The man is not sick because he has an illness, the man is ill because he is sick.”  Old Chinese Proverb

Having lead you down that depressing path, at the least I can do is redeem myself with an offering.

   Vis Medicatrix Naturae

“The Healing Power of Nature”

Springtime is the Moon of many gifts—Naa-yu

The influence on the human physiology is energetic, an inner strength and a will to fight physical ills. The perfect time for clearing out the old.  Following the natural rhythms of mother earth, the lymph system is eager to clean house. Tonics are the first line of natural cleaners.  There are several actually but I will give you some starter herbs and a couple of recipes here, it is up to you to do the rest.

A tonic uses herbs to restore and strengthen the entire system. Some herbs will help push or pull toxins from the body. Other herbs will produce and restore a normal tone to our fragile innards. General tonics are ones that braces and refreshes the whole system, such as dip in a cold pond.

Some of my favorite spring tonic herbs are;

Dandelion flowers— roots are used in the fall. The dandelion has two particularly important uses: to promote the formation of bile and to remove excess water from the body. By acting to remove poisons from the body, it acts as a tonic and a stimulant as well.

Red Clover— “Red clover is one od God’s blessings to man.” Quoted from Jethro Kloss  Red clover is a wonderful blood purifier.

Stinging Nettle– The entire plant is used as a pectoral, diuretic, astringent, tonic, stypic. A stypic in this use arrests hemorrhage and bleeding.

Mint— This includes peppermint, spearmint and Bee balm. These are used as a stimulant, meaning it increases the activity or efficiency of a system or organ.

Parsley –When fresh parsley is used it acts as a diuretic, gentle laxative, expectorant and contains loads of vitamin C.

Licorice root–Used as a laxative, tonic, and expectorant. Also, excellent for clearing out congestion from the lungs and chest.

Hyssop — Hyssop is recorded as being used in the Bible for cleansing the body. David knew the benefits to be derived from it’s use. Promotes sweating, slightly laxative.

Astragalus —mild diuretic, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant and also has anti-viral properties.

Chickweed — chickweed is a nourishing tonic herb for improving overall energy levels.

Cleavers — is a rich source of chlorophyll and is one of the premier spring tonic herbs used in promoting lymphatic drainage and blood purification. This herb is a strong diuretic.


To make a single herb tonic;

Dandelion flower tonic– pick and clean on ounce of dandelion blossoms at full bloom. Place the blossom/flowers in a glass jar and pour a pint of boiled water over the blossoms. Let steep for about 10 minutes, strain and sweeten. Drink everyday until the blossoms are gone. Be sure to pick young dandelion leaves for your salads as they are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Red Clover tea–  pick and clean about two cups of red clover blossoms. Add two thin sticks of cinnamon, chopped and one teaspoonful of dried, grated orange rind. Put all ingredients into glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Shake to mix. Take out one teaspoonful and put into a cup. Pour boiled water over the mixture and let steep 10 minutes, strain. Sweeten with honey.

The best multi-herb tonic for spring cleaning—

Using several of the above herbs in equal parts and place into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Shake to mix. Take a teaspoon from the mixture and put into a cup. Pour boiled water over the herbs and steep 10 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey.

According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, “Each person has a point at which his barrel of toxic chemicals overflows. At that point he has symptoms. . . .” From her book Detoxify or Die.

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