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The Little Things We Must do To Prepare

Please welcome guest contributor-Dan Stevens


My friend woke me up with and SMS this morning:

Wake up, you’re missing the bombs!

What bombs? – I replied.

Just watch the news. – he texted back.

As I’m writing this, another horrible terrorist attack has shaken Europe. 28 people (I actually came back to update the figure because 5 more people have died since I started writing this) have died in Brussels after several blast at the airport and in a subway station.

The S has been hitting the F for a while now, yet many people don’t see it. The structures of Europe are falling apart and the coming US election has already divided the country. With that in mind, it’s time to realize that the government and the police are unable to protect their citizens and take matters into your own hands.

Forget the Apocalypse, forget zombies. Protecting yourself from terrorist attacks, assaults, rape and even street fights is not rocket science. You don’t need a one year stockpile, you don’t need to own 5 rifles and you don’t need to learn the bow drill method. All you have to do is take care of some of the things below.

#1. Stay away from certain places and people

 Now, I don’t want you to be the guy who doesn’t go to the mall of fear of terrorist attacks. I also don’t want you to be the guy who crosses over to the other side of the street every time he sees a burka. If you’re in a mall in the US, you’re arguably a lot safer than if you were in a mall in France or Belgium. But you do have to avoid places and people that don’t make you feel right. If you’re wrong, nothing happens but if you’re right, this will save you your life.

For instance, the annual music festival of Tomorrowland, Belgium, is going to be the last place on earth you’ll want to be. Dozens of thousands of people, all crowded into one place with little security… it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Whether it’s a protest a political rally or a riot, you may want to keep your distance or, at the very least, to make sure you always have the possibility to run away at a moment’s notice. You never know what can go wrong in gatherings with hundreds or even thousands of angry men.

Last but not least, think long and hard about the neighborhood you live in. Is it truly safe or does it have a high crime rate? If so, maybe you should move out. Why gamble with your life every night, having to walk home through dark alleys, when you could live somewhere a lot safer?

#2. Take personal defense seriously.

We should all have a personal defense item with us at all times. A gun, a Taser, pepper spray, a folding knife – check the rules and regulations that apply where you live and, most importantly, learn how to use them.

You never know when an angry man or a group stops you in the street one night, giving you a nice beating and trying to rape your girlfriend. You never know when someone might steal your wallet or cell-phone.

Ideally, you’ll want to take self-defense lessons. Learn a martial art or some boxing. This, of course, means you need to spend time and money, but the peace of mind it’ll give you will be well worth it.

#3. Start assembling an everyday carry kit.

It’s easy, it’s cheap. The only thing you need to make sure you get quality items. Amazon has almost every product imaginable, each with its own reviews that you can learn a lot from. There’re plenty of articles talking about which items to get depending on where you live (urban, rural), depending on your job (do you travel a lot or do you have an office job?)…but let’s look at them from another perspective.

Look for:

  • things to attach to your keychain
  • things that can fit in your wallet (credit-card sized)
  • things that fit in your pockets
  • things that fit in your purse, messenger bag or laptop bag

Bottom line: first figure out where you’re gonna keep them and then buy them.

#4. Spread the word.

No, you don’t have to sound paranoid or afraid. You don’t have to talk about Doomsday and Zombies. Living in fear is not an option but being prepared gives you an unbelievable piece of mind. But what you can do is raise awareness that personal security is something basic, something everyone should do.

Now, if you feel that some of the people you’ll talk to will label you as a prepper, you should consider that scenario and have comebacks. After all, you’re only trying to help, you don’t deserve to be made fun of.

If need be, it’s ok to distance you from being a prepper and position yourself as a person interested in personal security and self-defense. And don’t be afraid to bring the stats to prove it:

…and many more (just Google them). To these you can add any news stories that you can find, tragedies that have occurred in your city or town. So, if you live in Santa Maria, California, you could tell your co-workers about the sexual assault of a 64-year old woman in 2015. If you live in Austin, you could tell the story of the 13 year old girl raped by two illegal immigrants in 2013. You can find plenty of news such as these, you just have to look for them online and save the link.

Final Word

As recent events have shown us, today’s critical events that take innocent lives have nothing to do with EMPs and asteroids. The world is still a dangerous place, increasingly dangerous some would argue, and we need to do our best to prepare.


Dan Stevens






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