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What Starvation Will Look Like

There will be plenty of food, but you won’t be able to buy it.” Pastor Lindsey Williams

Yesterday Hubby went to town for some needed supplies. Having lived in the forest for more 20 years we find town to be too noisy and filled with mindless zombies driving all over the place so when our shopping and appointments are done we point the car in the direction of home and GO! However, yesterday he made an extra stop at the video store on his way out of town. The weather is still quite shitty up here and without much TV(we get an ABC channel and a PBS one) he needed something to occupy his evening. One of the movies he brought home was “Martian.” If you haven’t seen it I would think you should enjoy as much as we did.

Being left for dead the protagonist (Matt Damon) is abandoned on Mars for a long while, but is eventually rescued. He struggles along and is able to grow a few potatoes and survives on some rations his crew left behind. His potato crop gets destroyed long before the scheduled rescue and has to cut his rations down to the bare minimum to stay alive. Although he is able to eat a little food every other day, his body begins the process of breaking down and starvation eventually sets in. This movie became the intention for this article here and now.


Without going into the hows and whys of the coming upheaval, it is a very real and likely possiblity for the near future for many of us.

According to the link above; The symptoms of starvation show up in three stages. Phase one and two can show up in anyone that skips meals, diets and goes through fasting. Phase three is more severe and results from long-term starvation and can be fatal. Here are the three phases:

Phase One

When meals are skipped, the body begins to maintain its own blood sugar levels by production of glycogen in the liver and breaking down stored fat and protein. The liver can only provide glycogen for the first few hours. After that, the body begins to break down fat and protein. Fatty acids are used by the body as an energy source for muscles, but lower the amount of glucose that gets to the brain. Another chemical that comes from fatty acids is glycerol. It can briefly be used like glucose for energy, but eventually runs out.

Phase Two

Phase two can last for up to weeks at a time. In this phase, the body mainly uses stored fat for energy. The breakdown occurs in the liver and turns fat into ketones. After fasting has gone on for one week, your brain will use these ketones and any leftover glucose. Using ketones lowers your need for glucose and your body slows down the breakdown of proteins.

Phase Three

By this point, the fat stores are gone and the body begins to turn to stored protein for energy. This means it needs to break down muscle tissues which are full or protein. The muscles break down very quickly. Protein is essential for our cells to work properly, and when it runs out, the cells can no longer function.

The cause of death due to starvation is usually an infection or other result of tissue breakdown. The body is unable to gain enough energy to fight off bacteria and viruses. The signs at the end stages include: hair color loss, skin flaking, swelling in the extremities, and a bloated belly. Even though they may feel hunger, people in the end-stage starvation are usually unable to eat enough food.

Becoming Aware

A dozen or so years ago, my oldest daughter set out on her own, her own adventure. Being motherly, I advised her to have a supply of extra food and water on hand for when the SHTF.

“It will hit you when you are least prepared.” I told her.

“Oh, Mother.” She explained. “You worry too much, I have a plum-tree in the backyard and a creek I can fish from just a short walk away. I’ll be fine.”

Dearest daughter has come a long way since then. She has suffered some really tough times. She now knows from the trepidation that I speak.

90% of the population lives in a normalcy bias, as did she.

Chances are, if you have traveled outside the U.S. to say Ethiopia or you have someone in your circle that is anorexic you may know true starvation. But most of us have never known real forced starvation. It is similar to a cancer in the way it eats up the body.

 Oh, by the way, 3 meals in a day from McDonalds constitutes nutrient starvation. Might as well eat cardboard.

Generally speaking, the typical human on this planet is pretty much nutrient deficient. It won’t take much for thousands/millions of us to bite the dust once the real SHTF.

There are many theories as to who or what is the reason for deleting the good stuff from the public food supply, but trust me when I say, it won’t take much to do us humans in when they are ready for depopulation. Even if you eat strictly organic, whatever is in those chemtrails that float to earth and covers the organic crops just as well as all the others are not healthy or healthful. Add GMOs, food additives, colorings and vaccines into the mix and the human body is stressed beyond it’s capacity to clean the system. And least we not forget, environmental pollutants the body deals with daily. Additives like high-fructose-corn-syrup bypass the regular fat making mechanisms and land straight into the belly as fat. 87% of newborn babies in this country are loaded with toxins the moment they take their first breath. But I digress.

In the movie “Martian,” Matt Damons’ character began his mission as a healthy, well conditioned NASA scientist. It took him over a year to deteriorate his body into severe malnutrition. Who do you see as among the first to begin the break down process of  physical deterioration should the SHTF? How long would it take? What could you do to help stop that deterioration?

In todays’ processes food culture, when the human body goes into starvation mode it will have only toxic chemicals to see it into death. Hence, it most likely will take a lot less time to complete the program, along with a whole lot more suffering.

Might I suggest that we could start by becoming more aware of the crap we are putting into our mouth and that of our children? We need to spread the word about reading labels and wean ourselves off of fast food and potato chips. And for Gos’ sakes get off of cigarettes!!You will be sooooo glad you did when they are no longer available.

Can you imagine what a house hold would be like when every body begins the withdrawal process of ordinary stuff like sugar? Or how about doing without things like coffee or Mountain Dew? If you think your family will not have a problem, try it for 2 weeks and see how you feel. Try living without bread or any grain product for a couple of weeks. It’s not going to be easy and the kids will not give you a break when government food stamps have stopped, the stores have shut down and the food pantries are no where to be found. Would you know how to make baby formula to feed your baby because you are not breast feeding? (There’s a recipe I my book for emergency baby formula)

During the great depression of the 1930s in this country a woman with 5 kids wrote in her diary that she cleaned up a leather boot and boiled it to make a broth. The leather boot broth became the childrens’ food source. Is that something you would have thought of?

It is time to think ahead, right now.

Posted March 20, 2016, very important!

Posted March 30, 2016;

A good place to get your research started is with “Dare to Prepare” by Holly Deyo  go to

And of course my book “How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out” It is more than a how to book. Sorry to say the sale price is off for now, but you can still get a book here for the old price. I have a few left if you hurry.

This just in from Steve Quayle website;

Dear Steve–

I work for a major U.S. railway carrier. Just got informed that the number of units being “laid up”, or being taken out of service, is now being increased from 1650 to 1800 motors.

With an average of 3 motors per train, that’s 600 trains that no longer need moving about every other day. About 50% of this power is for moving coal to power plants, and the rest is for grain trains and moving product from the coast to distribution centers. People are not buying as much so there is less to move.

Just wanted to possibly help confirm about the reduction of semi truck traffic, it’s simply because there is a lot less freight coming in at the ports. Drop in freight shipments is about 6 to 8 months lagging the BDI. Shipments seem to have followed the BDI, almost to a T.

Engineer’s and conductor’s furloughed have reached approx. 5000 employees. Seriously not looking good since the railroads are pretty much the start of the distribution of goods in the U.S.

Plan for the worst, but pray for the best. Thanks for all you do and have done for everyone, including me. It is much appreciated and received.

























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