What Would You Do? (Quiz)

winter power outage 2Real life people facing the unexpected.

Let’s test our skills.

The scene– You live in a small rural town of about 15,000 people. It’s a beautiful warm, fall afternoon, simply perfect. Your pregnant daughter, her husband and their 4 year old arrive for a relaxing Sunday outdoor grill. The picnic table is set and the grill has been lit. Unexpectedly, the electricity goes out. No big deal, your family continues with the picnic.

Suddenly, as the darkness begins creeping in you hear someone speaking off in the distance.  You run to the front yard to see the national guard in heavy armored trucks canvassing the streets ordering everyone to stay inside. Using a loud speaker they yell into the device, “Do not leave your house, you will be arrested on the spot. Stay inside. By orders of the U.S. government. Do not leave your house for any reason. You will be arrested.” (For the sake of this scenario; the reason comes over your battery operated radio that the power plant has been sabotaged and the quarantine was imposed due to a biological agent released into this picture perfect little town.)

3 days have passed and now you can hear violence and gunfire off in the distance. The stress of confinement and uncertainty is too much for your pregnant daughter and she goes into labor. The baby isn’t due for another 3 weeks.

A. To help slow down/ stop her contractions, would you;    (choose as many as apply for all questions)

  1. Have her lay down and put her feet up in a darkened room.
  2. Give her a glass or two of wine.
  3. Have her take a warm bath in which Epsom salts have been added.
  4. Have her husband massage her shoulders while she drinks a cup of nettle tea.
  5. All the above.


B. Your 4 year old grandchild feels the stress and worry of the household and is unable to settle down to go to sleep. Would you;

  1. Give him a  Sippy cup full of warm tea made from Chamomile, hops and catnip.
  2. Put a drop of Lavender oil on his pillow.
  3. Lay him in bed with a hot water bottle and rub his back or let him sleep with the family dog next to him.
  4. Give him a warm bath in which Epsom salts have been added.
  5. None of the above.


C. Your Husband goes to the basement to retrieve some supplies and in the darkness ends up with a nasty 3 inch gash on his calf, it is bleeding profusely. Seems he came in contact with a sharp, rusty nail sticking out of his work bench.  Would you;

  1. Just let it bleed until it stops.
  2. Wrap it with a clean dish towel or cloth.
  3. Put turmeric powder or cayenne powder on the wound to stop the severe bleeding.
  4. Pour peroxide on the gash to clean it while it is still bleeding
  5. Check his medical records to see how long it had been since his last tetanus shot .


D. Everyone has been using the toilet and now it is full with no way to flush it. The house is beginning to smell bad and collect flies. You would;

  1. Close off the bathroom and keep everyone out.
  2. Bail out the contents of the toilet and dispose of it outside.
  3. Put a plastic garbage bag in the toilet.
  4. Use the bathtub as a toilet
  5. None of the above.


E. Your bottled water supply is running low so you gather rainwater from the roof. Would you;

  1. Take a chance and drink it as it comes from the roof.
  2. Filter it through several layers of clean T-shirt material.
  3. Boil it for 10 minutes, if possible.
  4. Add Clorox bleach or an iodine solution.
  5. All of the above


F. You have been eating beans and rice now for 8 days while still quarantined, constipation and appetite fatigue have set in creating behavior problems in everyone. Would you;

  1. Stop eating.
  2. Just eat more cooked beans.
  3. Recognize that the body is detoxifying and drink extra water.
  4. Start doing push ups and sit ups in the living room.
  5. All of the above.


The above questions are but a tiny fraction of problems that we would be facing should a crisis such as this present itself. Only a small portion of the population can see beyond 10 minutes. I can only hope that I’m horribly wrong and people are more prepared than I realize.

Answers to the above questions;

A. The correct answer is 5, all of the above. Anything that you can do to relax her will be beneficial, most importantly reassuring her that everything will be ok.

What would you do if the child decided to come anyway? There are no incubators standing at the ready in this situation for a pre-mature infant. Well, pre-1910, a child born early would be either put in a hammock type sling inside the mothers shirt to keep her warm or could be placed in a basket and set on the open oven door. The wood cook stove or gas oven would be held at a low temperature, and the baby in the basket would be set on the open door to keep him warm while the mother took a break. This is a true account given to me by a 98 year old lady. She came to the world several weeks early.

B. Yep, all of the above are the correct answers. The child needs reassurance too and sometimes the family pet is just the answer. Also, you could make a sleep pillow to help relax the child.

Take a square of fabric about 5″ X 5″. (A coffee filter would work too.) Fill it with rose petals, chamomile, a bay leaf, lemon balm, peppermint and hops. Actually, any plant material with a favorable aroma will do. Bring all the corners together and tie, making a pouch. Place the pouch under the childs’ pillow for a restful sleep.

C. The correct answer is 3. In this case, it actually happened to my husband, only he cut it on a saw blade. I patted the wound with a clean towel so I could see exactly what the gash looked like then put a handful of turmeric on it. Burned like hell he said but the bleeding stopped immediately.

D. As bad as it gets but the correct answers are number 2 then number 3.  If you would have been on the ball, as soon as the lights went out put a garbage bag in the toilet. It doesn’t matter if the lights are out for only a few minutes, get in the habit of doing that first. It will save you a ton of grief later.

E. Treat all water as suspect and filter. The correct answer is 2. The water that comes off a roof will have debris such as twigs and leaves, bird and squirrel feces in it. T-shirt material is good in a pinch at filtering provided is has no fabric softener on it. A better solution would be to use coffee filters then boil the water for at least 5 minutes, 10 is better.

F. The correct answer is 3. If at all possible drink loads of water to keep things moving. Exercise helps but is not always possible for some people, in which an enema would be necessary. A warm water enema where a little salt or coffee has been added will be very helpful.

These questions are designed to get you thinking and hopefully preparing for any possible crisis that could come our way. Your skills and know-how will be your greatest asset.

———“The more you know the less you need.” ———

You will find plenty of know-how in How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out.  Great Granny was a Domestic Dive in her day. Her knowledge has been captured in this book and saved for the day it will be needed.























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