Feral Animals and Gangs

Yes, I said, it is real.

Our daughter’s baby-Daddy sat at our kitchen table last Sunday terribly concerned about what a co-worker had been telling him at work over the course of several weeks. Ryan said that his co-worker believes that we are in for some really bad Juju coming very soon and began telling us what he had learned from his co-worker.

Yes, I agree with that guy I said, any number of things could make life very unstable and miserable within the next few months. Clif High seems to think  July goes hot and continues to October of this year. October is when the really bad Juju happens. ( )

This was an awakening for poor Ryan, he was blown away.  Now the wheels and gears in his mind are churning, what about this and what about that he wanted to know. We talked until well after dark, by then their little one needed to be in her own bed. They fled the house with great anguish in their hearts. An awakening can be painful. Up until that day, our kids thought we suffered from old-zheimer’s. Didn’t believe a word that came from us. Usually takes someone from outside the family to make it real.

But that’s not the worst of it. . .

There were a few things that we held back and didn’t tell him just yet. Figured it was best to let him chew on stuff for a while. Most of what we talked about is survivable with adequate preparation. What gives me nightmares are loose zoo animals, groups of feral dogs and hogs after a long power outage and gangs. Gangs mostly.


Not sure when this video was made but check out the numbers of gang members for each group, where they are and where they could be headed.

Feral animals from Wikipedia—- Certain familiar animals go feral easily and successfully, while others are much less inclined to wander and usually fail promptly outside domestication. Some species will detach readily from humans and pursue their own devices, but do not stray far or spread readily. Others depart and are gone, seeking out new territory or range to exploit and displaying active invasiveness. Whether they leave readily and venture far, the ultimate criterion for success is longevity. Persistence depends on their ability to establish themselves and reproduce reliably in the new environment. Neither the duration nor the intensity with which a species has been domesticated offers a useful correlation with its feral potential.Wild_Pig_KSC02pd0873

Frequently Asked Questions-Wild Pigs

These are the nightmares very few talk about.





One thought on “Feral Animals and Gangs

  1. ….this is SO where my mind has been lately. On the recommendation of a blog writer, i got a copy of “Locker#9” to read. It was good but the best part was the thinking it made me do….i think. It actually made me even more concerned than i HAD been about the interactions with those who have nothing to loose in a WROL situation. For those of us who “play by the rules,” shifting to a ruthless mindset just to survive is a must or any preparedness we put in place will be for nothing. Hearing testimony from survivors of conflicts on the other side of the globe build the case for having to change how one lives and behavior that in our safe (for now) lives we would never think of.

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