Are You Ready?

       Or How to Take a Bath When the Power is Out

                )))) First of it’s Kind ((((

Iron Mountain Michigan– This book has seen phenomenal sales since it’s release in 2015. A handy guide/ personal journal that you will want to keep coming back to when the unexpected occurs. This one would make a terrific gift for your sister or neighbor who just can’t seem to boil water or start a camp fire.

Between it’s pages J.L.Noakes has delightfully captured the know-how from real people who lived before the widespread use of electricity. From their stories of basic daily living without electricity we learn how to keep food cold, meat preservation and recipes, about ladies and babies needs during a power outage, and many herbal remedies, to a heart wrenching interview with a Polish woman in her 90’s about her life in Nazi occupied Poland during WWII. “This woman’s story broke my heart and kept me from sleeping several nights while writing it”, Noakes explains. All these and more are held in this unique, one of a kind book of know-how, preserved now for future generations. How to Survive and Thrive. . .

How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out offers the best secrets from our ancient sisters to early 1900’s domestic divas. Our great grandmothers kept her family comfortable and healthy without electricity. How did she do it? Every woman with a child will want this one close at hand.

It is a time that has come. Many families today are preparing for an unknown future and others are simply looking for a little more self reliance and peace of mind. This is one of those books that you will toss into your go bag and refer back to many, many times. Also, within each section you will find perfect pages to catalog your own stories and triumphs.

Power outages seem to be a way of life for many of us now, with unpredictable weather, and sabre rattling by out of control groups and governments, one never knows what might be just over the horizon. Be prepared with How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out. You can find it on Amazon, also from this site.

Get this one today!





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