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Things that Disappear First After a Disaster

This bears repeating over and over. If you don’t own it before the disaster, you’ll pay hell getting it after the disaster.

I’ve told this story before but it is the way too many people see things yet today that warrants repeating.


Dearest daughter marries her college sweetheart. They put up a mobile home on our back forty. If you have followed my blog posts, you will remember that we live in the woods in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Cold, dark, icy, wind-swept, winters, followed by mildly warm, breezy summers.

They moved in during the early summer months when the bad spring storms had given way to bug season. All went well for the newlyweds that first summer but when fall approached I knew that a sudden very wet, heavy snowfall was not out of the ordinary and it usually took out the power for a day or so when it hit.

“So,” I asked dearest son-in-law, “you kids got water and an auxiliary heat source set aside for winter incase the power goes out?”

Dearest son-in-law looks me square in the eye and says, “Yep, we’ll be ok, we have an electric blanket. And I think we have a bottle of water in the frige. Oh, wait, I think I drank that. Eeeh, we’ll be ok.”

Well, as luck would have it, we had one of those heavy, wet snow storms that took out the power that cold, dark, fall. The power had been out for about 3 hours when dearest son-in-law and daughter showed up at our place asking to use our landline telephone and warm themselves by the woodstove.

“I am goin to call the power company and demand that they turn our power back on.” He said adamantly, thinking the power company must have done this dastardly deed. And by now he was in a panic, “what about all the old people? Someone needs to do something about all the old people that don’t have heat too.”

Of course, I had to ask about the electric blankets. “How they workin’ for ya?” My bad!

It was the first crisis these kids had faced on their own. Up until their marriage someone else had taken care of their welfare. Dearest son-in-law had lived with his parents before attending college as well as our dearest daughter.

They now have a copy of my book, How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out. I wonder sometimes if I was  ever that slow on the uptake? Naaaaaa

The point here is if you know some people like this, young or old, make a copy of the following list, look them square in the eye and hand it to them.

Things that disappear first after a disaster. (Non-looted items.) Not in any particular order.

Food- bread, milk, eggs, peanut butter, tuna fish, Speghetti O’s, etc.

Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, instant coffee, soda and bottled water

Candles, flashlights, oil lamps, matches and lighters

Toilet paper and feminine products and condoms

Hand can opener

Sugar and Kool-Aid, kids juices

Coleman camp stove, propane cylinders and white gas

Baby supplies, diapers, wipes and formula

Charcoal and lighter- grills


Water hauling containers

Paper plates, cups, bowls and silverware

Trash bags

Water purifiers and filters

Insulated ice chests and bags of ice

Sleeping bags and blankets


Candy, popcorn, hot chocolate, tang etc.

Kids games, coloring books, crayons, reading books and card games

Radio, shortwave, walkie-talkies

Dish soap, bath soap, shampoo

First aid kit

And, you know, if a guy were smart, he’d have a few of these on hand ahead of time.

Believe it or not, the best survival item is your own brain. A few hard copy how-to books in a library wouldn’t hurt either, I’d say.

Excellent videos from 2013 is as important today as then. Brad and Kelly and their two young boys put these out. Like their videos to see more.
















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Silent Deception–it’s about you

The research is overwhelming and the existing evidence is pointing a nasty finger at this silent deception that even your doctor may not be aware of.

If you need more evidence, here is a recent study of 25-hydroxy D levels.

To understand vitamin D we need to know what it is. Known as the sunshine vitamin, it is closely structured to the body hormones estrogen and cortisone. With these functions, vitamin D is closely tied to the work of the parathyroid glands. Most important is it’s regulation of bone formation through calcium metabolism. If Vitamin D is low, levels of calcium and phosphorus decrease, and the body pulls these minerals from the bones making the bones soft, rickets. Also, something you may not be aware of is that nearsightedness and loss of hearing may also develop from vitamin D deficiency because of the vitamin’s influence on the eye muscles and from loss of calcium in the ear bones.

Just the facts

In recent studies, vitamin D is believed to ward off many cancers. (80% of cancers can be prevented with vitamin D ) It is a well know fact that sanitariums of the last century would put tuberculosis patients out in the sunshine to cure them, at least to speed up their recovery. In this world that we live now, I truly believe we need to know how deficient we really are, you’d be surprised at your own numbers I’m sure. We are the first generation to be bombarded with so many different environmental toxins, fast food joints and processed food in which 75% of the health giving nutrients have been stripped away. We are the most nutrient depleted generation ever on this planet. It starts at birth, 90% of newborn infants today are born with toxins in their tiny bodies. Then at 10 minutes old they are given more toxic chemical laced vaccines and then fed GMO formulas. The millennials are not expected to out live their own parents.

Recommendations from the office of Dr. Lipman;

If your blood level is above 45ng/ml and for maintenance, I recommend 2,000-4,000 IU daily depending on age, weight, season, how much time is spent outdoors, where one lives, skin color and obviously blood levels. In other words if you are older, larger, living in the northern latitudes during the winter, are not getting sun and have dark skin, I recommend the higher maintenance dose.

If your blood level is 35-45 ng/ml, I recommend you correct it with 5,000 of vitamin D3 a day for 3 months under a doctor’s supervision and then recheck your blood levels.

If your blood level is less than 35 ng/ml, I recommend you correct it with 10,000 of vitamin D3 a day under a doctor’s supervision and then recheck your blood levels after 3 months. It takes a good 6 months usually to optimize your vitamin D levels if you’re deficient. Once this occurs, you can lower the dose to the maintenance dose of 2,000 – 4,000 IU a day. (I personally take 8,000 IUs of vitamin D3 every day.)

Normal vitamin D range

Determining the amount of vitamin D in your body is done through a blood test called the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test, according to National Institutes of Health online medical encyclopedia Medline Plus. The test requires a four-hour fasting period. Most doctors consider the normal range for vitamin D in your body to be between 30 ng/ml to 74 ng/ml. However, you actually need between 50 ng/ml to 80 ng/ml for optimum health, explains.

Look up

Someone is paying a boat load of cash for chemtrails to be sprayed into the atmosphere. Alternative media suggests it is most likely for eventual depopulation. (Chemtrails + vaccines = illness or death = $$$$ for someone.) In other research papers is has been stated that chemtrails are to hold back the suns radiation due to ozone holes. Yet others claim it is for military mapping purposes and I have even heard that the chemicals and coal ash that are being sprayed are getting the planet ready for aliens to visit our planet. You know, the ones the pope said he would baptize when they show up. In any case, your health is being compromised. The National Health Institute recommends only 600 IUs daily per adult. (I’m curious, who paid for that study)

Are you deficient? Most probably, yes.

From Dr. Mercola– click on the link to watch his video on Optimizing your vitamin D.

1. You have darker skin–African Americans are at greater risk of vitamin D deficiency, because if you have dark skin, you may need as much as 10 times more sun exposure to produce the same amount of vitamin D as a person with pale skin!
2. You feel blue—
Serotonin, the brain hormone associated with mood elevation, rises with exposure to bright light and falls with decreased sun exposure. In 2006, scientists evaluated the effects of vitamin D on the mental health of 80 elderly patients and found those with the lowest levels of vitamin D were 11 times more prone to be depressed than those who received healthy doses.3
3. You are 50 or older–
As mentioned, as you get older your skin doesn’t make as much vitamin D in response to sun exposure. At the same time, your kidneys become less efficient at converting vitamin D into the form used by your body and older adults tend to spend more time indoors (i.e. getting even less sun exposure and therefore vitamin D).
4. You are over weight or obese–
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble, hormone-like vitamin, which means body fat acts as a “sink” by collecting it. If you’re overweight or obese, you’re therefore likely going to need more vitamin D than a slimmer person — and the same holds true for people with higher body weights due to muscle mass.
5. Your bones ache–According to Dr. Holick, many who see their doctor for aches and pains, especially in combination with fatigue, end up being misdiagnosed as having fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.
6. Your head sweats–
According to Dr. Holick, one of the first, classic signs of vitamin D deficiency is a sweaty head. In fact, physicians used to ask new mothers about head sweating in their newborns for this very reason. Excessive sweating in newborns due to neuromuscular irritability is still described as a common, early symptom of vitamin D deficiency.4
7. You have gut troubles–Remember, vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means if you have a gastrointestinal condition that affects your ability to absorb fat, you may have lower absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D as well. This includes gut conditions like Crohn’s, celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel disease.

The Moral of this Story

Instead of loading up on flu shots and vaccines, which by the way have been linked to cancer and autism, (another article.) And to make matters even worse, studies show that workers who are exposed to florescent lighting 8 hours a day are depleting themselves even faster. Get started now, in August taking vitamin D and throw down some vitamin C and omega-3s with it to keep away the flu monster this winter season. Even if you don’t get a 25-hydroxy D evaluation from your favorite M.D. do some D and C at least, your body will thank you.


Wellness Against All Odds By Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D. also by Dr. Rogers Detoxify or Die Both these books are excellent sources to get you to where you need be health wise.

Staying healthy with Nutrition by Elson M. Haas, M.D.

Eat Right for Your Blood Type by Peter J. D’Adamo M.D.

Power Foods by Stephanie Beling M.D.